Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doder Made Me Do It!

I take ALOT of crap for where I live and what I choose to do. I hear from friends in far off lands(like California, because they are so normal) why an intelligent person would choose to live here and waste their time. But people have to understand that there is no place like the South Eastern USA. There is a strange duality here that I have never found in any other place in all my travels. A mix of the righteous and the damned, usually in the same people, that can only lead to interesting times. From the mountains of Tennessee to the Mississippi delta, to the swamps of Louisana, there just isn't anyplace like it.
There is a reason that art from this part of the country endures. I doubt the art of Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley, or Johnny Cash would have had a lasting or wide reaching effect if not for the conflicted lands that they called home (aka The South). While we may not be the richest, most educated or "best" part of the country. I have encountered more racism in Montana, more ignorance in NYC, and worse weather in the mountains of Colorado. But last, and most important, this is Home.

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