Thursday, December 11, 2008


Its Snowing! Its Sticking to the Ground! We're all going to Die!!!

Just thought I should let everyone know.

More later.

And Now is Later...

Okay so the snow is melting, the roads are full of car with people who can't drive in bad weather and I only had to work for 4 hours today(I love being a salaried employee). I'm back at my place, I got the crockpot working on some beef stew for tonights dinner, and hopefully I will maintain power. Because by tomorrow all this shit will be gone and life will get back to normal.
My only real worry is that as the sun goes down, the temp will fall, the water will freeze and everything will turn to ice. Driving in snow doesn't scary me, except for the fact that this is Mississippi and nobody knows how to drive in snow here. No! what scaries me is ice. Ice makes roads slick, ice knocks tree limbs down taking out power, ice is bad! Still, I am doing okay.
I am hopeing for the best!

BTW, if any of my Hattiesburg Homies are reading this, give us a shout, we are worried about you!



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