Friday, February 22, 2008

The Terrible Heaviness of Being

HHHHhhhhmmmmmmmmm..........guess I should write something here.
Well lets see, the holidays came and went. No real news there. I enjoyed seeing my family and all, but we exchanged gift, eat, and then all went home to take naps.
My Birthday has come and gone. I am one years old. Probably one more year less wiser. I was so much smarter when I was 18. I spent my birthday on another business trip to Atlanta. This time I at least had someone with me. Shilo took me to Dave and Busters on the 31st and I got a free print glass from the Irish pub next door to the McAlisters I was working in.My life is pretty boring.
Well....there are two new aspects to my life.
On Jan. 3rd, I joined a gym. I have always been something of a physical person, but I have never really thought of myself as "gym type person". I always think of the line from fight club. But surprisingly I like my gym. More specifically I like working out. I still think people in gyms are limings. So point me to an ocean so I can drown myself in it.Still I feel better, even if I am tired all the time, hell I almost threw up tonight pushing myself so hard.
The second thing is I am now a writer. I have started writing for the Jackson Free Press. I am just a freelance music writer, but at least I am involved in the local music scene is some way. Its a way to pass the time.


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