Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am Here, but I am Gone

Well I like the man, Curits Mayfield said, "I am here, but I am gone!" While I am still in H'burg writing this, my mind is in about a million different places.

I got a job. A real job. I got job that is going to pay me a salary and benefits(medical/dental, 401K, etc).I am going to work for the corporate office of McAlister's Deli. What is my job? That is a good question, and I would like to know it as well. I know I will start out as management trainee. Then I guess I will be an Asst. Manager of a store to get me some "real world" experience. Ultimately, I think, they want me to be an Opener/Problem-Solver. Basically this means I get sent to a town that is about to open a store to set up the store and train the staff or I am sent to a store that is struggling to "set that shit straight". This could mean alot of traveling in my future. Which I am okay with. Who knows I could be coming to a town near you.

The sad part is I have to move out of Hattiesburg. This town has been my home, on and off, for a decade now. But it is time to move on. I will miss people, Mik, Becca, Hank, Noffke, Franklin, Bill, Lawerence, etc...and places,The Thirsty Hippo, the End Zone, my current Faulkner like apartment, The Long Leaf Trace Bike Trail, etc.

But, it is time to move on. I have sat in place to long and life is passing me by.

I will be moving to Jackson, the HQ of McAlister, to do my training. I will be staying with my parents for the month or so, till I can save up some money and can get a place of my own. I find that I am okay with moving back to Cracktown. I will be closer to my parents, my grandmother, my sister and brother in law. (Plus, Chris and Ercia, I can be in V'burg in an hour if your parents need help). Anyway, Jackson need more cool mutherfuckers like me anyway.

If you need my new address, ask for it. I will still have the same Cell Phone Number so you can always call.

I guess I am about to take that next step on the great adventure we call Life.


Blogger baldman76 said...


Yes, I just typed "shazam."

Cool. I hope this will be the change you've been wanting. It sounds like a good thing.

By the way, this is Chris Reid. Perhaps you'll remember from such things as "the last decade." It's been a while since we spoke, so I wanted to clarify who this was from. (Bro, I gotta call ya sometime...)

3:21 PM  

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