Thursday, July 28, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

If you have not read the book, don't read this.
What can I say, I loved it.
While I was not the biggest fan of book five, Order of the Phoenix (rereading it helped alot), I now realize that it was the transition book to get from the first four books to the last two. As the books have gone on they have become more and more serious, some would go so far as to say darker. I know many people who don't like that, but as a boy grows up life becomes more serious. So it make total sense that books Five, Six, and Seven will be a bit "heavier" than one thru four.
The book opens with the British Prime Minister getting visited by the Minister of Magic. This gives an update on the state of the Wizard War as seen by us the lowly humans. Then we learn that Voldermonts supporters are planning something big and Draco Malfoy is at the center of it. Then we catch up to our main character, Harry.
We then learn the state of all the main character and how the war is effecting them, as Harry and Company return to School. There are the usual growing up issues, romance, competition, new responsiblities, that interweave between the main plot, the some funny moments(its rare that I laugh our loud at a book, but that is one of the strenghts of this series). Rowling finally "fleshs" out Dumbledore as he helps Harry deal with the responsiblity of beign the "Chosen One" as stated in the Prophecy in book five. Dumbledore and Harry explore the history of their enemy Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldermont. Harry also gets help in class from an old book that was once owned by the Half-Blood Prince. These three plot points, what Draco is working on, Dumbledore's studies and the Half-Blood Prince all come to together at the end in the nice twist that all the Harry Potter books have. While I knew that the ending was coming for some time it still doesn't help. Dumbledore is killed! But is the identity of Half-Blood Prince and Dumbledore Killer that was a bit of a surprise, its Professor Snape. It shouldn't have been Harry has hated for six books now. Still there is something about one of Snapes last lines "keep you mouth and mind closed" that felt like he was telling Harry(and us) something. The book ends with your Heroes off on quest to destroy the Voldermont and the Death Eaters,that leds us into book seven.
Funny but full on gives away the ending


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