Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The End of an Era...Or the beginning of a Revolution...

So early this morning, NYPD evicted the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park. They said it was health and safety reason. This effectively ends the two month protest that started there and then spread across the country, then the world.The fact that cities are now working together to oppose the Occupy Movement, seems to legitimise the movement. Like the old saying goes, "judge a man by the quality of his enemies." By no means do I think that this eviction will last, but it is good moment to reflect on the Occupy/99% movement so far.

I got mixed feeling about the whole Occupy movement.

I applaud the sheer number of people who stood up and said The System is broken. Because it is. The Rich are getting Richer and the Poor are getting Poorer. And for the first time in 400 years the middle class is shrinking.

Why are giant companies and institutions getting bailed out with our money? Why do these mega-corps that make Billions in profit not have to pay taxes? Have these huge companies just bought off our government? How does a company like BP still make billions in profit after destroying the ecology of an entire region? I know these are complex issues that don't have a simple answer. But they are questions that need to be asked. More importantly, they are question that need to be addressed by our political official. Because, at least in theory, they represent us the people. And the people are angry. That should scary the shit of the 1%, including most of our politicians. Because when the number of the poor and hungry become to great, the poor and hungry will start to eat the rich.

Still the 99% movement has problems. The movement doesn't have a goal or any type of organization. It is just people, alot of people, scream that the system is broken. They don't seem to have anything better to replace it. Criticism is easy, getting out there and creating a replacement is going to be the real work. Do they want to convert to Communism? Socialism? Darwinism? To have total debt forgiveness or set the credit ratings back to 0? Currently, they are like a man watching his house burn down. Instead of picking up a shovel or hose to fight it, they are just talking about the fire. It is all very passive for a political movement, which is probably why politicians in Washington DC treat it like a joke.

Still we live in the information age. If all these people across the world could be pulled together, including the revolutions that are taking place in the Middle East, I think alot of change could get made. We all want a better world, so let try to make it! That leave the question of, How and into What???



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