Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top of the Hops 2011

So...its been about 24 hours sense TotH 2011 ended and I think I am fully recovered.
Mary and I, arrived at the convention center at 11am and waited around for an Alcohol Beverage Control class to begin. On the plus side I am again legal to serve alcohol in Mississippi. But the class took to long and and the organization was poor. So when I was given my assignment as a "monitor" I took it to heart. I gathered volunteers for my booth and reorganized then as I saw fit to best use the people I had. I think for the most parts it went well. We poured 2 oz samples of dozens of beers for 5 hours, all the while sneaking a drink here and there. The day started out at 1pm with the VIPs and by 530pm the crowd (and more than a few of us) were pretty drunk. Sense I was walking in a circling monitoring (get it!) my booths I was still some what sober. And at 5pm the organizer, Jessica, told us to get our cases ready. That is to fill a empty case with what every beer we wanted and was already open. So for the last hour I snaked back and forth all over the floor, snagging beers to try for Mary and myself. I caught a bit of static taking it out to the car, but I got around those problems. So I have spent this afternoon, sipping on a selection of my $40 of premium beer. While I my not have had the typical TotHs experience, I am still working on test beer 24 hours later for free. WINNING!!!



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