Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bad Luck & Karma, Hard Work & Trouble

I don't know bout you, but sometimes I do stupid things. Like, have a bad day, get a lil bit drunk, and then post shit on the Internet. Yeah, not my brightest hour either. But sometimes out of these drunken' dumb ass moments comes a moment of true awesomeness!
So in one of those moments that convince me there is a God....

The above video is of one of my favorite "artist", Mr. Scott H Biram. If you want his life story, you can google it, but the man is awesome. In that whiskey soaked, southern fried way. I have been listen to him for about a decade, he gives me hope that a drunk fool like me can be more than I am.

Now after I moved back to Jackson, MS in Sept. of 2010. I some how came to the attention of a local guy who was/is a music promoter in Jackson (on a side note, and I still have not asked him, but I think he helped bring the R.O.A.R. tour to Jackson back in '97. Which might be the single best day of music in this cities history). I have been to a number of shows he has promoted. Show that range from singer song writer presentations at a local church to surf rock at the local Mexican Catina. He befriended me on Facebook.

Now with those two facts in mind. I had a bad day at work. To deal with it,I had a whiskey, a few beers, and played on Facebook and Youtube to pass the time. Sense the closing of the Thirsty Hippo in H'burg, I have really wished some one would pick up alot of the artist that they brought threw the area. My favorite being Scott H Biram. So I posted a video on Facebook and made a smart ass remark about how I wish a local promoter would pick up SHB for a show. Un/Fortunately, I put Ardens name in the post. I didn't know that Facebook had just started automatically, posting to the persons page you had typed in (Facepalm!).

I guess Arden liked the video because now he is promoting a show for SHB in Jackson. And not just in Jackson, but in strolling distance of my house. So I feel a good bit responsible for this show (and not just because I feel he is doing it for me {which I know is stupid} but because if this show succeeds, I might talk him into other shows, like Th' Legendary Shack Shakers).

So to help promote the show, at least among my circle, I am contemplating a pre-show party/ BBQ. Some some slow cooked pork ribs grilled with peach bbq sauce, some sweet baked beans, and fried okra. It would be BYOB, but to eat you had to walk to the show with me. It feels like a plan, an diabolical, evil plan......



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