Friday, July 22, 2011

Me and Social Networking

You know as many social networks that I am on, I am really terrible at staying connected to people. I mean I got hundreds of "friends" on varies social networks, but actually knowing what is going on with people if hard. Epically because a large number of my friends live hundreds of miles away.But I get annoyed when people post stuff every 5 minutes about nothing. I don't need a hundred pictures of you and your BF/GF making out at the club, or of your kids, and I don't care if you all you do is wine about how hard your life is. This doesn't tell me anything about how you are doing, so why should I care.

I also think social networks might be the new addiction. As I said I have been a few different platforms of social networking. The first was Friendster. Yeah, I was on Friendster (Thanks Brian Floyd). I didn't think much of it. I don't think I even fill out my profile, etc. but of course this was back when the Internet was not part of our everyday life. It was for geeks and rich people.

Then of course I was on Myspace(Remember Myspace?). I now equated myspace to a gate way drug like marijuana. Everybody did it, at least once. And as it became more popular, it got bigger and flasher. You could add music & videos, which I liked, and flashy graphic, polls, etc, etc, which I hated. Myspace, much like all gateway drugs, was mainly used by the young and because young people like all the flashy stuff, Myspace marketed itself to those young people. Unfortunately for MySpace, this left many an old user/better educated user left out. So they moved on to the next thing to get their "fix".

The rise of Facebook is well documented. There are books and movies about it, so I won't go into that. But one part of its success I think can be linked to the rise of another device, the Smart Phone. The simplicity of Facebook format lent itself well to the date exchange rate of smart phone. You could look at your Facebook account without losing much of the quality of Facebook on a PC. This has lead to people being on their Facebook accounts all the time. They need to be on their accounts and to know what is going on at all times.

Nothing breeds rivalry like success.And now Google has come out with their social network, Google+. They have taken alot of Facebooks ideas and simplified them even more. It might be the "morphine" and that help ween people off the "heroin" that is Facebook.

I wonder, with the addition of Skype and video phones, if I will ever stay better connect to people. Or if people can truly stay in your life, when they are not part of it day to day? Basically, this is my apology to people for not staying in touch better. Alot of that has to do with my view of life. I view life like a path. Your/Our paths may cross, run parallel, merge, deverge to run in oppoiste directions, or just to cross again late. You can jump off your path and cut a new one, but you are still on your own path. So to all the people I knew, know or will know, I wish you well and hope our paths cross again soon.
The History and observations are just ramblings.

I still thank God I'm not on Twitter!



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