Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Shots off the IPHONE

So I am head out in a few minutes to NOLA for a day or so of fun. Going to see "Where the Wild Things Are" at the Canal St. Theater and then going to see the Japandroids at One Eyed Jacks. So I want to unload some shots off my phone before I fill it up again.

So, this is from a Whickey tasting I went to a few weeks back. When I say Whiskey, I mean Scotch not Bourbon. It was at the Celtic Fest and I got to drink some good stuff from all over the UK.

Last Week, I met my parents in McComb, to go out and inspect the farm. They brought the Hurricane Dogs with them. So Missy walked the with us threw the woods. But she was tired after the walk. She laid down next to the flower, and photos had to be taken

So after leaving McComb, I got a phone call to come down to NOLA. My friend Kyle English was in town visiting Hank aka Shackleford and Charlotte aka Miss Scarlet. He was looking for his Miller Life Life hat that has been in my car for weeks. Still a fun time was had in his fancy hotel room and just walking around the quarter looking at all the tourist.

So after waking up late on Friday, I headed back to Hammond to work(on my day off), at the wooden boat festival. There are ALOT of festivals in Louisiana. The picture is pretty shitty, but that is what happens when you give a drunk guy your camera.



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