Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Musical Road Trip

You might be wondering to yourself, "Self, what has Ian been up to lately? His been pretty quite lately." Well to be honest I've been busy. I work alot; I joined facebook (I know, I feel like a sellout!); and I have been getting the hell out of this town. Been road tripping short distance to see family and friends, sense none of them seem to want to come see me. The nice part of most of my little trips is seeing a rock'n show.

Back on August 3rd, I ran over to Baton Rouge to see the Shack Shakers at the Spanish Moon. It was a great show, but being Monday and between school secessions, almost nobody was there. Still they put on a rock'n hour show and I snapped a few pic with my phone. I do wish I could have found somebody to go with me because sitting in a bar, even a cool one like the Spanish Moon, is pretty fucking boring. But as I said it was Monday, and I did find out about the show very last minute.

Then on the 18th I drove down to NOLA. I wasn't really going down to see a show. I just want to hang out with my friends. So I meet Charlotte, Delaney ,and Franklin to go eat at some fancy pizza place on Magazine Street. We meet one of Delaney's co-worker who is building a tourist website for Hammond, and asked if I wanted to get paid to write some reviews! I told her "YES!". I don't remember much about the food. I had a Calzone of some kind. It wasn't that impressive obviously. Delaney and Charlotte had made plans to go see some local group call Quintron. Now never let it be said I'm not up for new things...but I should have know when they said "techno band", I wasn't going to enjoy this show. It was at a gay club called All-ways. Strangely the opening act was this strange folk/electron duo from Arkansas. They were at least interesting, classic country songs to a drum machine and keyboards. . Then came the strangest puppet show I have ever seen. These werewolf looking things where wait on living raindrops, but before the wolves could find them a snake eat them. So the wolves went to a oracle (which was the whole puppet stage turned into) to find the raindrops. So the wolves find and kill the snake and free the raindrops. And the the "band" started. That place filled up fast once the show started. But Franklin and I where bored as hell. That just isn't my type of show. So finally we left because Delaney had work the next day. Charlotte and I meet her boyfriend, my buddy Hank, and went to Igors. We stayed up there till about 4am drinking beer and playing punk rock on the jukebox. I much preferred the second half of my night. Turns out as I sleep on their couch that night Hanks grill got stolen off their porch. After discovering this, me and Charlotte went to eat, and I paid $17 for a roast beef sandwich and a coke! What a rip off!

Finally, just last week, I got in my little car and drove. I had only the most basic outline of a plan when I left. First I head up to Jackson. I wanted to make one last try at making a amends with Amanda. and It was her birthday, so I bought some flowers and had them sent up to her office at MDOT. To be honest I have no idea if she got them. I hope so, and I hope she can forgive me for moving away. I didn't wait around long, sense I was in Jackson, I dropped by Fenian's and got a burger and a beer. Then I hit the road for Hattiesburg. The Juke Joint Duo was playing the Hippo, and I had not seen Mik or Becca in awhile. I found Mik at work, running the record store/sandwich shop. As with anytime I talk with the Godfather of Cool, we talked alot about Music, economics, and politics. after getting some new music, I was off to pick up Becca and go to the show. The show was great, as always, well attend, with alot of ass shaking. Between sets, I went up stair with the band and few extra people. And after the show I told took off back to Hammond. I won't lie. By this point was pretty tired and I probably should have stopped somewhere (or stayed in H'burg), but I like sleeping in my own bed. Still I made it home with no problems

So the moral of this story is, go do soemthing!

Other than that, not much is going on with me. I got a set up on a date tonight, so hopefully that will go well and I have finally found a bar I can hang out at. So I guess Hammond is finally becoming my home. Even if I have to get out of town once in a while.

BTW, You all should check out Japandroids!

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