Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WoW! I am a sell out....

So I got a myspace page. Here is the link. I mainly got this so I can keep in touch with people better. Really I need all the help I can get with that.
I will still be maintaining this Blog though. I have decided to keep this as my more serious, more thougth out, or longer writing blog. Any writing I do on My Space, will more than likely be short and stupid. Alot like MySpace.
Of course the best blog got is IPW vidoes. Which has been updated with three new songs/videos(First is the new Johnny Cash video; the second is from the new Black Keys ablum, and the third is a repost of the Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street).
Anyway you all should keep out all my blog regularly, because you never know what you will find.


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