Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Back!

Yep! I am finally moved into my place and have my internet connected.
This means alot more posted on this, my blog.

So, what have I been doing seen moving out of the H'burg. Mainly, I have been working. Learn the ins and outs of my new job. Do I love my new job. No! But I don't think I will ever love a job. My view of a career is that it is what allows you to so other things that you love to do. Hopefully, after a few months of the shitty grunt work I will move up to stuff I like to do. Hopefully!
Anyway, It is interesting to be back in Jackson. I haven't lived here for so long. I don't really know anyone here anymore. That sometimes leads me to being depressed because I really don't have anyone to talk to. But I also forces me to go out and meet new people or find people I have not seen in awhile.

My job helps with this a little because people wander in to eat and see me. I have had this happen a few time now. Travis, who I worked with in H'burg; Jerry, who I went to High School with; and Psycho Erin, who is crazy and Chris Reid dated her even after I told him not to. Plus there is the odd time when me and a strange stand there looking at each other trying to figure out if we know each other. The best example of this is when a cute little red head asked if she know me. I have seen her eat there once seen then, so I hope she is/become a regular. He He He!!!

I really like my new apartment. It is pretty large for one person and relitively cheap.
It is Belhaven(here on out to be called the Haven), which is pretty much in the center of town. This means no long drives after I go out to the bar or to see a show. Plus I am right down the street from one of my favorite resteraunt, Keifers. I would like to say I have gotten to know the neighborhood better, but its been pretty rainy and miserible here lately. But I got time.

I have not gone out much seen being home. I took one of my favorite people in the world out to eat, when she flew into town for the night(Thats you, Sarah Luckey!) I took one my fellow MITs out for some drinks, and I went and saw the Griffenz when they played W.C. Dons. I do plan to go out the next two weekends. An all star blues band featuring Bobby Rush, Cary Hudson, Kenny Brown, and Cedric Burnside is playing in town Saturday. Then the Friday after Thanksgiving, Jimbo Mathus is playing. Hopefully, a good time will be had by me.

The only thing I really miss about H'burg, are the friends I left behind and doing my show.

Well, that pretty much catches you few up about what is going on with me. I hope be more active on this thing now.


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