Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Everything Falls Apart

Its True. Countries, people, relationships, everything eventually falls apart.
To paraphrase one of my favorite books, "on a long enough timeline, the survival rate falls to zero." Or to put it another way, Chaos spins out of Order and Order spins out of Chaos. Now when I say everything falls apart, it isn't always a bad thing. Its really just change. And Time and Change are the only two real constants.
Its Cliche, but it is the truth. It is how you deal with change aka rebuilding when things fall apart that is important and the true test of a persons character.

It strange to set back and watch, as people I know get there life together, others who have their life together fall apart. Graduation, Marriage, Work, Unemployement, Eviction, Divorce. The ebb and flow of life is a strange thing to set back and watch, when your life has seemingly stagnate like mine. That seems like a self pitying statement, but when my biggest worry is about my TV being broken or that strange sound my car engine makes every couple of miles, I thank God for my boring little life.

Still I know my time for changes are coming. You can feel them sometime. I wonder how I will handle them? Good? Bad? Just something to think about.
Well enough of this interospective Bull Shyte, Its a nice sunny day, so I think I will go ride my bike and listen to some music.


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