Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Crazy Ramblings

So I threw a stick off my porch and it caught fire as it landed in the bed of singing fish. The cop who pulled me over while I was walking naked across a parking lot had antlers that vibrated to the sound of the half moons rock'n band. The Comic Book of my life is being written by noble souls who usher on Princes of Fire, Blood, and Thunder. But no snakes, never snakes. Strings strum and trumpets sound to the low riders of under and down. High Church calls and all our pastes fall to the found ground sound of this lost town.
Doors and Mountains, Mountains have door. Lost, Cold, Naked and Alone cries my Personal Demonology and some of my Southern Discomfort. that Southern Comfort, Evan Williams, Jim, Jack, Johnny Walker(Red or Black). No Jose' you can't come in,
We need no sin! Water, Water....Holy Water ever where! Burn this Vamps with out our care. Muddy Waters and Howling Wolves, Sun Houses, Blind Lemons and The Three Kings make up shows of my dreams. But the Devils still rides at at the crossroads. Red headed woman wants for my soul. nOw, Is time for the SlEEp, that leads to DrEamS, that can't be de' feet. ED! The Hum of B3 and petal steel as super Heroes fight to stay real. CRAP!!! in my pants.


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