Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dennis (the Menace)......Hurricane Whoa!!!!

Well the big storm is almost here. I have done everything I could to prepare for it. I am stay here in H'burg, mainly because i don't think I could get anywhere else fast enough.
Still I am should be okay, I Hope. They are only talking about 70mph winds (ONLY 70mph wind) and alot of rain (FLOOD). I wonder if I will get activetied by the Red Cross?
I was watching the sky as the first ban from the storm washed over the area yesterday. It was a just a sheet of dark clouds that just seemed to push the bright sunny day we had away. Some out-of-towner even when out to film it. The wind and rain only lasted 30 minutes to an Hour yesterday, but wow, what an hour. If that it a sign of things to come, it is going to be bad.
I wonder if work will be open tomorrow?
Its funny that people "Just talk about the weather", like weather isn't a major factor in their lives. Weather effects almost everything we do. Hot or Cold weather can effect how we dress. I remember the wind in Oklahoma ripping the door off our van, it was so strong. These storm alone will do millions of dollars of damage and displace people for months. Its just amazing me how far our society has come and still how insignificate we are when faced with the true power of nature (Hurricane, Earthquake, etc...)
I expect to lose power in the next 24 hours. So I might not get to write much for awhile. At least I can practice my guitar.
I think I am going to try to take some photos of the storm and I will try to post them later on this here site.
Well anyway...Keep us here in the Gulf South in your prayers, whomever you pray to.

---"No Reasoning with Hurricane Season" - Jimmy Buffett ---------


Blogger The Bionic 1 said...

Heres a Sat Loop of the hurricane.
Cool stuff.

11:02 AM  

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