Monday, May 21, 2012

My children's book...he he he

Kid Zombie!
Title: Kid Zombie goes to the playground
Format: Children’s book. With heavy cardstock/cardboard covers. 12-24 pages
Art: Simply, almost childlike. Along the line design wise of Art Baltazar’s for Tiny Titans. Except I want the coloring process to look like crayon effect.
Page 1: two women sitting on a bench. One in blue, one in Green dress
Blue, “Oh! Hey a new kid!”
Green “Wonder who his parents are?”
Page 2-3: two women in top left corner recessed, layout of the play ground filling double page spread with black back view of black hair/head in bottom right hand corner
Page 4: Hero Shot to reveal Kid Zombie
Page 5: Random face of kids looking at Kid Zombie
Page 6: Same random kids face screaming in terror
 Page 7: Kid Zombie’s face blank expression
Page 8-9: Reverse of pages 2-3 Kid Zombie in bottom left corner. Women on bench in top right hand corner. Children running away threw playground
Page 10-13: Kids “playing/hiding” on various pieces of play ground equipment, with Kid Zombie not attacking them, but looking at them like he wants to play.
Page 14-15: Layout is the same as page 2-3 but with Kids all on top of playground equipment and Kid Zombie in the middle . Random stupid kid, “Maybe he just wants to play? Do you want to play?”
Page 16: Kid Zombie shakes his head
Page 17: Random Stupid Kid from on top of playground equipment, “how about tag? You are it!”
Page 18-19: Same layout as pages 8-9, Kids jump off equipment and start running
Page 20: Kid Zombie chases after them in the classic zombie pose
 Page 21: A young girl jumps into a fancy sand box that has a dome roof over it to hide
Page 22: Kid Zombie jumps in to the fancy sandbox
Page 23: Picture of the fancy sandbox with at bottom of the page with a giant scream sound effect coming out of it
Page 24: Same Hero shot from page 4, except Kid Zombie has a little smile on his face



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