Sunday, August 21, 2011

Covered Up #4

Welcome Back to Covered Up!
I started this series of articles years ago, but it got a little side tracked by real life. So I have to thank the great song "She's Not There" for returning me to this series.

Written by The Zombies keyboardist Rod Argent in mid 1964, it is listed as #297 of Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 songs of all time.

While the song has never really fallen out of favor, the last few year have seen an up swing the songs profile. The first example of this is on the show Glee. While I have no great love for this show, when they dip into pop culture history for a song, they usually do it well.

While the Glee cover will probably introduce the song to a whole new generation, it is this cover by Nick Cave and Neko Case that is what is truly awesome. While holding to the style and flavor of the original recording, it clearly has been made their own. Especially Nick Cave, who as always, brings his own twisted vocal style to the song.

And while not a true cover, Malcolm McLaren's "About Her", that mashes up of The Zombies original and Bessie Smith's cover of W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues" was featured on the Kill Bill vol 2 soundtrack, and is pretty damn cool



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