Thursday, October 25, 2007

My adventure to the ATL

Okay, I have been home from ATL for three weeks and have not written anything about my business trip.
Well to be honest it was pretty boring. I drove over on the 23rd of Sept. It was a pretty boring drive, except at Tuscaloosa. The Alabama/Georgia game had been the night before and the traffic around there was crazy. Still that and driving in downtown Atlanta where the highlighsts of the trip there. Traffic in Atlanta is murder.
They put me up in a Comfort Suite, which was nice, but I needed a Kitchenette.I would have prefered to cook for my self. Still I ate at work and found a few restaurants to eat at(all on the company dime)including a great pizzaria.The job itself was interesting.
My first day I was to meet Chris to get keys and set up, but Chris had no keys and neither did anyone else. We had to send some to Athens to get keys to let us in.So we finally got in at 11am, thirty minutes after we opened. This set the standard for the rest of my first week. I had a computer burn up and all types of printer problems. But the one thing this stores has is a good staff. Pedro, Dari, Dainari, and Alajandro keep my kitchen going and Yvonna, Sara, and Teri kept the front of the house running smooth. I also have to mention Yan, Katie, Kelly Jake,and Josh who helped out alot. I will say the second week was easier than the first. It also helps when you are the boss. What alot of people don't know is I was offered the store to run full time. Which means I could have moved to Atlanta.
Still from 7am to 7pm Mon-Sat I was there working. Luckily this store closed at 7pm instead of 10pm. I did get back to the hotel to see all the new shows on TV. Most of which where crap. And the store was closed on Sunday. Which is when I got to do laundry and really drive around town. I found a killer used record store called Eat More Records, a few comic shops, a good radio station (88.5 WRAZ), but I never found a good bar to hang out at. Very Sad!
After two week I got up on Sunday Oct. 7th and drove home. I made GREAT time coming home. Even as I passed Talladega on a race weekend(Luckily it was early and I was going against traffic).
Sense then I have just been working and other parts of the usually routine.


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