Saturday, May 12, 2007

6 weird things about me

So I got tagged by Reid to do this a looooonnnnngggg time ago. But to be honest nothing I do somes that weird to me. I know I am a weird guy, but everyhting I do seems total rational and normal to me. So here is my best shot at it.

1) I hate air conditioning. HATE IT!!! I never use it in my car. I would rather role the window down. The only time it is on in my apartment is when I am asleep. And when I get up the first thing I do is turn it off. This is pretty strange considering I live in Mississippi and summer heat regular reaches over 100.

2)I don't like wearing shoes. I would rather go barefoot and regularly do. One afternoon while laying in the grass at my apartment a neighbor notice the bottom of my feet look like the rough side of leather. That is how much I walk around barefoot. I do own shoes, 5 pairs, I think. My work shoes, running shoes, dress shoes, sandals, and my Converse All Stars.

3) I don't like talking on the phone. I just don't. I prefer looking at who I am talking to.

4) I sing when I pee. I have since I was a kid. Once in Kindergarden I aksed to go to the bathroom. The building was one big room that was full of desk and the usually kindergarden equipment. With a bathroom on the one side and a large closet on the other. Anyway, I come out of the bathroom to find everyone looking at me. My teacher asked if I was done. To which I said "Sure!" because I had no clue what she was talking about. She asked me to not sing so loud next time. Which the whole class laughed at. I can't remember if I was embrassed or not. I should have been, but I don't think I was. Since I consider that a happier memory. So today, especially if we are out at the bar, listen to a band, you might hear me singing in the bathroom.

5) I once convince a girl that "Air Whales" really existed. This is a very lovely and relatively smart woman. So how did I do this? Because of the elaborate story that goes with it. First off "Air Whales" are not whole my idea, but are major "character" in my fantasy life. Yep! I got a fantasy world in my head. Which come to think of it is "weird" fact in and of itself. Anyway, as the pod of Air Whales migrate North to South or vice versa, they collect a air borne type of barnacle, which St. Augesten grass can grow out of. This has lead to the illegal capture and use of air whales as part of golf course. The illegal trade is huge in Scotchland. This of course has lead to rise of Air Whale liberation front. The problem is Air Whales are still Whales. They need currents to help them navigate. So they get lost inland alot. So if you ever find pot hole in the road that was not there the day before or find your hood or windshield busted up. Look Up! That Blue Gray spot in the sky that your mind wants to say is just a cloud isn't. Yep! Thats an Air Whale that has just finished doing its business (aka taking a dump).

Seriously, I convinced some one this mythic and noble creature where real.

6) I have an alias, Sir William Waters of Northbridge,England. Luckey he only come out when I have been drinking ALOT!

Well I think I did pretty good.

I think I will tag Floyd, RD and Luckey. I don't expected any of them to do it, but you never know.


Blogger P for Pamela said...

Air whales?! AIR WHALES?! What was I thinking?!?! Stupid story... stupid story about air whales and golf courses! I think you're silly and random and wierd (and okay... kinda fabulous) but this little story does nothing for me.

2:37 PM  

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