Saturday, January 13, 2007

What a Night!

Its been an interesting evening!
I invited all types of people to the Heartless Bastards show tonight, and NONE of them came. Yep! I am the King of the Losers. Nobody cares or respects me or my feels. Nope! Anyway enough Piss and Moan.
Anyway, besides that its been a pretty nice day. The weather was good. I didn't have to work today. Even my trip to the Wal-Mart went smoothly.
Plus I got to see one of my favorite band, The Heartless Bastards, live for the first time. They Rocked by the way.
And my football team,The Saints, have advance to the NFC Championship for the first time in team history. I am excited, even if crazy Erin says that my realism is pestism.
Over all the good out weight the bad, but I know the bad will be around longer than the good time I have had.

UPDATED!!! I found this online, from Saturday


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