Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm so Lonely

While it was great to see Chris, Katie, Erica, and to finally meet Fuzzy. It has force me to realize ,or admit, how truely lonely I am here. I know I have only really been living here a few weeks, and I have not gotten out much, thanks to my job, but those only feel like excuses. For the first time in a long time, I really don't know anybody around.
Most of the people I do know in Jackson are married and have kids. Or they knew me when I last lived here. But I am not the person I was a decade ago(Really! who is?). I don't want to be that person and I probably couldn't be if I tried.
I miss my friends in H'burg! I have never been mister popular, but I had a good circle of friends who would call and go out with me. Hell! I am on My Space mainly to stay in touch with them. That and to hunt down the AmeriFolks.
I guess, I just got to get out and make new friends here. But How? Where? These are the problems as I see it. I doubt I will make many friends at work. Its just not that type of place. While I do know alot of people at church, most of them fall into the married with children catagory mentioned above. Other than the occasional rock show, I don't really go anywhere else. Hell I don't really have time to go anywhere else.
So do I accept my solitude? Do I go out night after night till I burn out? Do I find a new interest to try and make new friends? Do I just hope and pray new friends fall into my lap?
These are the thought that ramble threw my brain. Sorry to anyone who reads these, I know it sounds like self pity, but I am just using these as a sounding board for my thought process. I swear!


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