Sunday, January 22, 2006

Is the Future Here?!?!

From Yahoo News
This undated photo provided by Eclipse Aviation, shows their version of a 'microjet' or 'very light jet.' Taking off for the first time in 2006 will be small, speedy, cheap jets that big airlines worry will cause traffic jams around major metropolitan areas. With two engines each the size of washing machines and seating capacity for five or six people, they cost half as much as the most inexpensive business jet. Three thousand of the little jets are already on order at three manufacturers.

Soooooo.....who wants to help me buy a Jet? I promise to fly around with you. We can put a KICKASS!!! steroe and fly, while bumping some DMX,Led Zep, Johnny Cash, The Ramones, or some Burnside! We can quickly go visit friends in far away lands like Floride or Missiour. It would be awesome. Who's In???


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