Friday, January 06, 2006

Maybe the Greatest Movie.... star the Ramones
I probably have not seen this movie in fifteen years. I was thirteen at the time, and this movie was my first introduction to the world of punk rock. Although at the time I didn't know it was punk rock. I just thought is was Rock and/or Roll! But to a thirteen year old the Ramones are the perfect band. They are, of course, loud, fast and hard, but they also emboby a strange cartoony quality that still appeals to the kid in me. And of course they are the Heroes of the film.
To say this is a B-movie is an understatement. The plot is about a young songwriter trying to get help from the Ramones. The high school she attend is being run by a fascist that has outlawed music, espicially rock music. Now I can see the movie is a throw back to the teen movies of the 1950s, Youth verse Authority films. But for the thirteen year old that is me, this movies this always going to be about funny gags and "that band".


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I've actually never seen this movie. I should get around to it one day...

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