Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I really should write something here

The problem is I don't really have anything to say.
I have no new adventures to write about. I have no woman to love me. I have no music in my soul! I got nothin'! Yep! I am a sad,sad sack of shit. But I got a ticket to see Flogging Molly. So that is at least something.
Still, I feel, like I have lost my vitality. My work is okay. It is nice not to have to decide between eating or paying the power bill. But I lost something along the way. I miss living in the back of my Faulkner-esque house. My post Katrina time in h'burg was some of the best times of my life.
Normally I would just go drinking with my friends and drown this sorrows out, but I don't really have any friend left in Jackson. Sure I know people here, but nobody I really would like to hang out with. My previous stay in Jackson I had friends. I had a good group in Hattiesburg, the Corp in Denver and out on assignment. Now, nothing.
I have meet a few women, had some sex, but nothing that I seem like it will lead to anything. So I end up alone in my apartment alot, with only my thoughts and usually a bottle of whiskey. If I was a disciplined type of fellow I would take that time to work on something creative, Music, Art, Writing, Stand Up Comedy, etc. But I am not that guy.
Maybe I am just growing old? Is that what growing up/old is, regretting the life you had in the past. God I hope not.
Hopefully tomorrow will be another day.


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